Modern Engineering – new scientific journal

Modern Engineering is a technical scientific journal which has been publish by Centrum Rzeczoznawstwa Budowlanego Sp. Z.o.o. [Ltd.] since 2015.

The topics of scientific articles, either original ones or review papers, are associated with any field of science which has an influence on the development of engineering. The journal also presents work results of Centrum Rzeczoznastwa Budowlanego Sp. Z.o.o. [Ltd.].

The content of each volume shows the interdisciplinary character of the journal. The published results of innovative researches in the field of broadly understood engineering that are carried out by universities and institutes can contribute not only to science but also the economy.

In the editorial board are foreign scientists, that can provide advice and share their experience. They can also promote the journal in their countries.

To provide a wide access to the research results, give space to share experience and to develop an interesting discussion all of our articles and volumes are publish open access in a Creative Commons 4.0 license.

Papers are published in Polish and in English as well.