Belarusian national annex to eurocode 3: basic variables formulation for the partial factors calibration

Keywords: basic variables, formulation, partial factors calibration


Studies of reliability based on different probability models can lead to uncomparable results. Therefore, an important task is to develop common approaches to define probabilistic models of basic variables. The modern approach to probabilistic modelling of action with an emphasis on European trends is shown in the article. Probabilistic models snow and wind loads taking into account the territorial conditions of the Republic of Belarus are clarified. A review of probabilistic models adopted in the calibration of partial coefficients for the Eurocodes was performed. The probabilistic model of action are recommended based on the investigations. The problem of probabilistic description of the resistance of steel elements is considered. Generalized statistics of the strength characteristics of steel, geometric parameters of sections and uncertainty of resistance models of steel elements are presented based on the analysis of modern research.

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