Technological project of the existing plants reconstruction of large-panel housing construction: problems and solutions

  • Vitaliy GURINOVICH Belarusian National Technical University, Belarus
  • Sergey LEONOVICH Belarusian National Technical University, Belarus
Keywords: reconstructions, LPH


Increasing the volume of construction and meeting the requirements to reduce the cost of housing contribute to the flourishing of industrial housing. First, industrial housing is cheaper, and its construction is necessary for implementation of the state policy in relation to the needy in improvement of housing conditions of needy disabled citizens, and also their other categories enjoying the privileges provided by the legislation (social housing). Secondly, with the transition to the construction of residential buildings of modernized series, i.e. houses of modern consumer and operational qualities, it is possible to move to meet the needs of a wider range of consumers, namely the more affluent segments of the population, organizations and enterprises of various forms of ownership. Thus, project institutes have developed new standard series of panel buildings, allowing to build housing with increased kitchens, bathrooms, staircases, equipped with freight elevators. In the development of some standard series managed to ensure that modern panel houses have Bay Windows, French balconies, individual architectural solutions, non-standard input groups. Solutions for the development of a series of 25-storey houses, as well as industrial 3-room houses of the manor type for rural areas on the basis of products of large-panel housing (LPH) construction are being worked out. To date, there are 14 enterprises of efficiency and house-building plants in the Republic, of which 8 enterprises are subordinated to the Ministry of construction and architecture of the Republic of Belarus and 6 enterprises are in communal ownership, and all enterprises to a greater or lesser extent require the renewal of technological equipment, reconstruction of industrial buildings and structures. In order to solve this problem, a State comprehensive program for the development of the material and technical base of the construction industry was developed, within the framework of which investment projects for the reconstruction, modernization and technical re-equipment of LPH plants were implemented.

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