Electric vehicles as the best energy storage solution for unpredictable household renewable energy sources

Keywords: renewable energy sources, vehicle to home (V2H), charging, household demand profile, energy storage


One of the main problems of renewable energy source - RES (such as wind or sun) is their unpredictability. Cooperation of such sources with energy storage has a very positive effect on the correct use of renewable
sources. One of the ideas for home energy is storage of energy in the batteries of electric vehicles engines (V2H). The purpose of this work is to analyze electricity losses and power system performance depending on the shape of the load schedule. The work includes identifying the dependence of the required degree of load balancing on the shape factor of the load curve, heating factor and energy losses. In anailed cases, it was shown that the best solution for a single-family house with a passenger car used for everyday needs would be a wind turbine with a diameter of 6 [m]. The battery capacity that would have to work with this system was estimated at 542 [Ah].

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