A Review of Desiccant Dehumidification Technology

  • Karrar AL.-AHMEDI Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland
Keywords: dehumidification technologies, solar cooling


This study focuses on dehumidification technologies. It identifies the different types of dehumidification technologies and seeks to understand each technology's competitive advantages. On the various technologies, the study concentrates on three standard systems. The systems are the solid desiccant-wheel, solid desiccant air conditioner, and the liquid desiccant dehumidification system. The study establishes the characteristics of each of them and how they can be preferred. The study also looks at the applicability of the technologies to different uses and discusses in details application in hotels, supermarkets, and office blocks. In these application areas, the study focuses on benefits and possible consequences for the non-adoption of such systems. The study establishes reasons to support the relevance of this technology to those essential industries. This study concludes by looking at current developments in dehumidification technology. A focus is made on the drivers for the advancement and a discussion of some of the recent improvements. The study adopts this discussion to help advise on the future of dehumidification technology.

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