VAT fraud and its mitigation mechanisms

Keywords: tax fraud, tax gap, Standard Audit File, JPK-VAT, split payment, white list of taxpayers


For several years, tax fraud has become the subject of extensive and complex research. It is now a very common phenomenon that is threatening the functioning of countries worldwide. The Polish tax system has overcame many changes regarding the settlement and refund of VAT in recent years. These activities are related to the prevention of tax fraud, as the scale of its occurrence is still high. The "tax carousel" is known all over the world. The established legislative mechanisms bring noticeable effects, abuses still occur, but they are more often detected by tax authorities. The aim of the article is to indicate the most important legislative mechanisms (JPK, split payment, white list of taxpayers) limiting the occurrence of tax fraud in the area of VAT avoidance, which at the same time reduces the tax gap.

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