Exploring Superstitions and Customs in Construction: Understanding the Tradition and Its Possible Disappearance

Keywords: building customs, construction superstitions, tradition


Construction is one of the most important, but also the most extensive areas of the economy. That is why we encounter superstitions and customs related to this discipline of the economy quite often:we blew and repeat them, not even knowing what their origin is and what according to old beliefs resulted in their lack of application. This situation applies in practice to all buildings, including residential buildings implemented at different times of time, including today.

The aim of the article is to indicate the genesis of selected exaggerations, describe the customs that arose on their basis and present the alleged effects of not cultivating them.

Due to the criterion of time in relation to the period of construction of the building, the article discusses superstitions and customs specific to the following stages of the investment: preparatory works and designa, direct implementationand operation and operationand.

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