The use of soil strengthening techniques in construction

  • Jerzy OBOLEWICZ Bialystok University of Technology , Bialystok, Poland
  • Edyta WĄDOŁOWSKA Bialystok University of Technology , Bialystok, Poland
Keywords: soil, construction, reinforcement techniques


Construction works should be designed, built, maintained and dismantled in accordance with technical and building regulations as well as the principles of technical knowledge ensuring compliance with basic requirements regarding safety, ecology and sustainable use of natural resources. Among these requirements, it is important to secure the foundation of the object on the ground, which is affected by proper recognition of soil and water conditions, knowledge of the behavior of weak soils, selection of the appropriate method of strengthening and improving the subsoil, correct drainage, checking the stability of slopes and slopes, and the selection of appropriate materials for the construction of earthworks. The article describes the basic soil conditions and gives techniques to strengthen the soil, which can be used in the foundation of buildings.

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