Overview of the use of Peltier's modules in technology

  • Rathnakumar BALASUBRAMANIAN PRIST University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: thermoelectric generators, heat sinks, Peltier's modules


In this article, design and analysis study of thermoelectric generation reactor and its applications are described, Thermoelectric (TE) Heating and Cooling technology has many advantages in power generation and industrial purposes.This paper introduces a new cooling system approach that extracts heat from outer surface space to get it to a lower temperature than the air surrounding it. This system uses the "Thermoelectric Generator module (TEG)" which works on thermoelectric cooling, with the goal of cooling by using thermoelectric effect. Effect which states that when DC voltage is applied across two junctions of significantly different electrical conductors; heat is absorbed from one junction and heat is discharged at another junction which causes a temperature difference. A difference in temperature applied at the atomic scale allows the carriers of charge in the substance to migrate from the hot side to the cold side. This process requires electrical and thermal conductivity for the metals to supply the water using heat exchangers that reduces power consumption. In order to improve theperformance of the TE cooling systems, the hot side of the TE should be directly connectedto efficient heat exchangers for dissipation of the excessive heat.

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