Influence of Fin Shape on Heat Transfer in Coil and Fin type Evaporator

Keywords: evaporator, fins, lamellar heat exchanger


The aim of the study is to investigate the influence of external fins on heat transfer in the evaporator. The scope in which the analysis was performed is to check how the capacity of the exchanger is affected by the change of individual elements of the fin geometry. The introduction describes the current state of knowledge about evaporators. One of the subchapters is entirely devoted to the phenomenon of frosting evaporators, which is unfavourable from the point of view of heat transfer. The subsection also describes how to minimize the occurrence of this phenomenon. The next chapter presents mathematical models of heat transfer coefficients during boiling of inorganic refrigerants in horizontal pipes and during the flow of a bundle of smooth and air-fined pipes. On the basis of correlations and mathematical dependencies contained in this chapter, analyses of the influence of individual factors on heat transfer in the evaporator were performed. The next chapter contains the analysis methodology, it contains drawings of modeled heat exchangers. The penultimate chapter contains the results of the analyses with graphs and descriptions, detailing the most important differences between the individual evaporator geometries. The last chapter is a summary and conclusions about the effect of fins on heat transfer in the evaporator.

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